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Do I need to maintain the online ordering website by myself?2018-08-27T16:11:12+00:00

No, we will maintain it for you. We understand that your time is precious. So simply provide us any updates, such as menu, open hours, promotions. We will maintain your online order website for you!

Do I get help to promote my business?2018-08-27T16:15:53+00:00

Yes, We will provide the basic Searching Engine Optimization (SEO) service for your business. When customers are searching nearly restaurants or similar restaurants, your business will be on top.

What are benefits having an online order?2018-08-27T16:21:42+00:00

Online ordering is a new channel that brings the customers to your restaurant, so customers can easily goes through the menus at anytime, anywhere, and place orders online.  It will save lots of time from your staff to answer phone calls and reduce the human errors such as placing the wrong items. By displaying the menu and modifiers clearly online, it will also help to up-sell the orders.

Do I need a existing website to do online order?2018-08-27T16:23:12+00:00

No, you do not have to have a existing website. If you have a website, we will ask your permission to add Eat365 online ordering link to your existing website. If not, we are happy to make a free website for you and connect to Eat365 online order website.

How do I charge the customers?2018-08-27T16:25:46+00:00

We offer different ways for you to charge. You can charge through Pay on Pickup, Offline Payment, or Online Payment. It is totally depends on your personal preference.

How can I check my monthly report?2018-08-28T15:41:07+00:00

We provides three options for you. Invoice, order history or Eat365 backstage login information.  You also can contact our customer service to ask your report details.

How can I receive orders?2018-08-27T16:35:45+00:00

You can receive orders through Fax, Email, Text, Phone call, and Auto print. We offer all these notification ways, so you can choose it depends on your personal needs.

How do I upload the menu?2018-08-27T16:40:11+00:00

You can send the menu to our Wechat (id: eat365), Email (info@eat365.com), Eat365 agency, or upload the menu in application form on this website CONTACT US page.

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